Wine Packages
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Cost of one regular priced wine:

Wine 10L Cheeky Monkey International $124
Wine Bottles (30) $34
Custom Labels (30)
Total $192




Wedding Packages sample pricing. This is for the most popular wedding package. We can create less expensive packages, as well as more expensive ones.Below you will find example packages. See store for full price list. We have packages starting at $99 all inclusive.

750ml  Bottles Total # if Bottles Your Saving Cost per batch
1 Batch $ask 30 Big Savings $
2 Batches $ask 60 Big Savings $
3 Batches $ask 90 Big Savings $
4 Batches $496 120 $272 $124
5 Batches $615 150 $345 $123
6 Batches $735 180 $417 $123
8 Batches $980 240 $556 $123
10 Batches


300 $720 $120

Package Includes: Custom Labels, Shrink Caps, Corks, 4 week (10l) Wine Kits, Wine Making Service and 750ml Bottles.


We can custom create package with different size bottles like 375ml, 1l, 1.5l, 4L, different quality kits like 7L value, 16L Premium or 18L Ultra Lux.


Making Your Wedding Wine

Wedding wines

How Much Wine Do We Need to Make for Our Wedding?

The following will assist you in determining how much wine you should consider making in order to accommodate your wedding guests.
Please note that this is just a guideline.
You know your guests and their traits better than we do so you may want to adjust your estimates accordingly.

  • When to Make Your Wine...
    • It is preferable to make your wine at least 5 months in advance of wedding day.
  • How much wine to make...
    • Assume 2 glasses per adult...this will take into account those that may not have any wine and those that may enjoy more than 2 glasses of wine.
    • Consider making both red and white wines.
    • There are approximately 4 glasses of wine per bottle. View formula
    • A batch of wine will yield, on average, 30 bottles

Now that you know how much wine to make you now need to consider the types of wine to make. Consider those wines that are typically enjoyed by the majority of people.

  • White wines - Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio
  • Red wines - Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot