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Personalized wine labels make a beautiful, unique gift or can be used to add a special touch to your private wine collection. They're also perfect for other special occasions and celebrations such as anniversaries, parties, New Year's celebrations, and grand openings, as well as corporate gifts. Custom labels come FREE with most of our Wine packages.


We offer custom label printing services. Whether you are making wine in the store or at home or somewhere else and would like us to create the perfect label our experienced designer is here to help.

We have 3 Different Label printing services:

Roll Labels - $9* per 30.
Over 100 pre-printed designs in stock that we can customize with wine name, date, your name etc.


Laser Labels. - $9* per 30. 
We have most of these designs in stock if not we can order them for you.


*These labels are always FREE to customers that make wine on our Premises. Many of our Wines  come included with factory labels and those can be used as well.

Custom Labels - $1 per label.  Min order of 20 labels otherwise $10 setup fee will apply.
Custom full Color, laser printer printed labels. We will have our talented designer work with you to create a truly custom label with your own pictures, message, special
design to commemorate any occasion or corporate function. Please check Galleries or drop by store to see sample of his work. These are included FREE with all standard Wedding Packages.
Labels can be designed in following sizes:
12cm x 9.1 cm (4.7"x3.6")
10cm x 8.5 cm  (3.9"x 3.34")
8.6cm x 5.8 cm (3.38"x 2.28")
*All our labels are designed for this industry, with that said they use heat sensitve glue so when you want to remove them all you need to do is soak them in hot tap water for a minute or two and they will peel off with the greatest of ease. If by chance you forget about the bottle and the water gets cold, just reheat the water and the label is ready to come off in a minute or two again. Don't try to take the label off cold as the glue is reactivated when the bottle cooled. Another of the features is the labels are printed in a thermal process so they will no run if they get wet or rub off if they are rubbed against.