Equipment/Facilities Rental
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For the at home wine maker we offer equipment rental. Why waste all day playing with siphons, subjecting your friends and family to unfiltered wine, when you can borrow our professional grade equipment for your bottling needs. Service offered at both locations. Please call 519-471-1665 to reserve your equipment.

Bottle Filling Machine

$25 for 24 hour rental. $35 for 2 day rental.



filler big



3 or 6 pad Filter Machine

Filter$25 for 24 hour rental, $35 for 2 day rental. (filters extra)

Hand Corker

Corker $10 for 24 hour rental, $15 for 2 day rental.

All 3 for $40 24 hour rental.

Facilities Rental

We offer our facilities for rental to at home wine makers or for anyone that has wine that needs to be bottled. We have London's most advanced facility and you can use all of our equipment and receive help from one of our wine associates. You can filter, wash bottles, cork, shrinkcap and apply labels using our professional grade equipment. It takes about 10 minutes to bottle one batch of wine (23 Liters). Rental fees start at $60/hour with $30 minimum charge. Or we can create flat fee based on your needs. Call for info. Service offered at both locations.

Corks, shrink-caps, bottles, filter pads and labels are extra. We guarantee lowest prices in Canada on wine making equipment. Call us or come in for a quote.

Bottle Washer

Bottle WasherThis automatic washer will wash, sanitize and rinse all your bottles. All in one 4 minute cycle.

By using fresh water for every wash and rinse cycle, we ensure the bottles will be perfectly clean.
Fully automated and easy to operate, this unit is equipped with a hot water booster to ensure a hot and efficient rinse cycle. The sanitazing process reaches up to 90c degrees to unsure proper elimination of bacteria that might be left over in your bottles.

Bottle Filler

Big FillerBottle filling machine - fills four bottles at once for convenience and speed. 23 liters can be bottled in 4 minutes.

Filter Machine

Big FilterThe Buon Vino Semi-Industrial wine filter is a compact unit ideally suited to the larger wine producer, and for on-premises wine making shops. It's 10 pad design ensures a clear, sparkling wine, at a rate of over 350 litres an hour. A stainless steel bottom pan with drainage spout help to ease clean-up, average 15 to 20 batches (23 litres) per set of 10 pads



Automatic corking machine, just load the bottle press the button and a cork is automatically inserted in your bottle.

Shrink cap machine

Shrink CapperAdd professional finish to your bottles by putting on shrinkcaps. Over 100 different colors to choose from.

Label Printer


The PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Inkjet Printer is the quintessential tool for the professional photographer that gives you the ability to print the images, exactly as you envisioned it. The 12 LUCIA pigment ink system expands the color gamut with improved saturation of colors and darker, deeper blacks which allows the professional photographer to achieve new levels of skin tone reproduction, accuracy and quality, so your prints exhibit stunning detail. anon Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) features a patented print head that enables printing with microscopic droplets and high resolution up to 4800 x 2400 dpi. Check our our label page for more info.

Label Printer

The TEC Label Printer is the perfect solution for any printing application with its high-quality output, industrial performance, versatile design, advanced functionality including RFID options and the backing of a globally recognized quality brand. We have over 100 labels designs from leading label manufactures like Macday labels and Abc Cork. Check out our labels page for more info. Cost is only 30 cents per custom label.