Wine Barrel Rental
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We have up to 13 wine barrels made from very heavy oak for rent. The barrel weights about 120 lbs and have Galvanized bands.
They are 38" Tall, 28" wide, 220L Capacity. There might be some variations between the barrels of 1-2".

You can see the picture bellow for all different barrels and their location.

Liveedge Wood Table Top -  $20 Rental Fee.
Cardbox with lock - $20 Rental fee

$30 per event (96 hours) per barrel when you purchase min 2 batches of wine at our Make your own wine facility. The wine can be used as favours, wedding wine or just personal drinking.
$35 per event (96 hours) per barrel regular price without purchase. (Thursday Pickup- Tuesday Dropoff for weekend events)

You can pick them up at one of our locations: (and see them in person)
Richmond Winery 2 - 647 Wellington Road S. Tues-Friday 11-6 and Sat 10-3 Closed Mondays and Sundays. 519 - 690- 2727 Barrels 4 + 5
Richmond Winery - 1570 Hyde Park Rd. Mon-Friday 10-7 and Sat 10-3 Closed Sundays. 519 - 471- 1665 Barrels 1 2 3 + Table + Cardbox.

You will need to arrange your own delivery. You can rent a truck at Lowes or Rona for $20 that will carry 4-5 barrels or rent uhual for more. Or hire someone on Kijiji to deliver them for you.

Please let us know which date you are looking for and the number of Wine Barrels you are interested in.
You will be required to pay full rental amount at the time of booking.

Email all inquires to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Steps for ordering:
1. Email to see if your date and quantity is available and if you need delivery your delivery quote.
2. If you agree to our terms and price we will email you link to our online rental agreement. If you feel more comfortable you can fill it out at one of the Richmond Winery locations. Full amount due at time of reservation.
3. Pickup your barrels making sure you fit in the 96 hour windows. So Pickup Friday, return no later than Tuesday. Pickup Saturday return Wednesday. For delivery we will confirm details before delivery.