Experts agree the type of water added to your wine kit can have a huge impact on the finished product. Using the wrong kind of water can adversely affect the taste of your wine, we spend considerable resource to ensure our water supply is just perfect for wine making.

To us, you can't get a better source of water for making wine than pure spring water. It has just enough trace minerals to give yeast the food it needs to thrive, and no chlorine, fluoride, or other contaminants to give an "off" taste.


We source our water from Glenbriar Water based in Waterloo. Their spring water comes from from Hillsburgh, Cataract or Formosa in the Ontario area. It is hauled in by stainless steel tanker trucks and is stored in stainless steel tanks. From the tanks, it passes through a fine filter to remove any sediment it may contain. The water is then ozonated and after that passes through a finer filter before going to the bottling machine for fill. Spring water has the minerals you want in it and contains no chlorine or added chemicals. Spring water has a full natural mineral taste that you will enjoy.

We believe this is the best water to use for wine making. But if you would like us to use other source please let us know.

We can use the following sources:

Natural Spring Water
100% Steam Distilled Water
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water


Our Water Filtration Process: